SJC Technical Website Consulting

Basic website starting at $275
* Requires a 2 year contract.
First year fee is included in website design
Second year priced at $150/year. Ask for details

Basic 1 page site

When you use the option
Hosting-With-Us Hosting-with-us means your company
(Cheapest option, $2/yr, included in the plan price)

However you can have us create a separate domain area for your website.
"" *
Slightly more money.
($15/year additional)

* a ".com" address only if the name is available, we help you find a suitable domain name

This instroductory website, at this price, includes:
  • Website Creation This means a fully functional, 1 page website online and running using our Hosting-With-Us option
  • one year of Hosting-With-Us hosting Renewable at $200/year after 1st year
  • Two website revision per year This means we will arrange edits for you.
    1 page website, 2 times a year if you need the content slightly modified.
    Additional updates beyond those 2, at an hourly rate of $75/hour.

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